i don't wanna wear lipstick anymore (raw)

by the barefoot bandit

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(still pretty shitty, but i tuned up a few things and i guess the quality is a little better. still shitty though, no doubt)


lipstick stains on both of our lips
passion seepin' out of your sweet fingertips
i closed my eyes to take all of it in,
but when i opened them up, i realized i was dreamin'.

i swore to myself i wouldn't cry
i wouldn't cry over you
but the dream, it felt so real inside
there was nothing else that i could do

the tears, they fell like i did for you
the tears, they fell and they weren't very new
the tears, they fell and i couldn't make 'em stop
the tears, they fell as i felt my heart and stomach drop

lipstick stains on only my lips
i miss the passion seepin' from your sweet fingertips


released September 3, 2014



all rights reserved